We highly recommend you be measured by a professional tailor.

Wear the undergarments and shoes that you plan to wear with the outfit to make sure the measurements are accurate.

B Bustbody measurement chart.jpg

Wrap the measuring tape around the fullest part of your bust and center the tape on your back so it's leveled all the way round. *Please wear the bra while measuring if you plan on wearing one with the kebaya or Qipao (Cheongsam)!

W Waist

Run the tape around your natural waistline. Keeping the tape parallel with the floor. Tip: Bend to one side to find the natural indentation in your torso. this is your natural waist. 

H Hip

Measure approximately 20cm below your waistline around the fullest part of your hips, with your feet and heels together. 

S Shoulder to Shoulder

This is the distance from the top of the left shoulder across to the nape of the neck to the edge of the right shoulder. Tip: Make sure to curve the tape along the natural curve of your upper back. You can also wear a fitted t-shirt and measure from one shoulder seam to the other. 

SL Sleeve Length

Measure from the shoulder tip to before palm.

Shoulder to Waist

Measure from where the neck meets the shoulder, over the fullest part of the bust, to where the narrowest part of the waist sits. 

Shoulder to Bust

Measure from the edge of your neck where your shoulder begins down to the middle of your bust


Wrap the measurement tape around your armhole and add 1" for ease movement. 

Garment Length

Back: Measure from the nape of the back neck down to the hip

Front: Measure from where the neck meets the shoulder down to the front.  

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